Curricular Aspects
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (DBATU) has a clear vision and mission to fulfill the
needs of the state of Maharashtra in Technical Education. The academic programs are developed, and the
curriculum has been formulated to satisfy the rapidly changing academia’s growing challenges.
The University aims at imparting higher education to the poor, socially and economically backward sections of
the entire state of Maharashtra. It has jurisdiction all over the state of Maharashtra. Its commitment to
promoting excellence in teaching with a focused and developmental curriculum. Its academic
programs can face emerging Global challenges and open the doors for new opportunities.
The University has played a significant role in students’ overall development in terms of
knowledge, skills, and values. The curriculum is designed and developed with a systematic process. Overall
development, employability, innovation and research aspects are significant while designing the course. The
University has a well-designed curriculum so that it leads to soft skills development, shaping

the students’ personality and characters. Our curriculum embeds a set of core values with the sanctity of truth,
integrity, honesty, mutual respect and civility, social responsibility, stewardship of our environment and the
importance of diversity in all its forms. The University moves towards internationalization marked by having
MoUs with international Universities to enhance the research network Worldwide.
The University tries to promote quality education and research, state-of-the-art learning, and
the use of emerging knowledge to develop world-class human resources capable of fulfilling the needs of the
new era of Technology. Presently, the University imparts education in Engineering & Technology,
Pharmacy, Architecture, and Hotel Management and Catering Technology. A few employment-oriented courses
have also been introduced to offer enhanced employability to the students.
Teaching-learning and Evaluation
DBATU is always in the forefront to provide the best possible education to its students through its well
established teaching learning process by the well qualified faculty members. The most important thing in
teaching learning process is the ability of teachers to create enthusiasm, ignite passion and generate curiosity
among the students. The University regularly conducts Faculty Development Programs, Refresher programs,
Workshops, Conferences and Seminars. Every department motivates and supports the faculty and the students
to organize and participate in technical events like paper presentations, Avishkar, Hackathon, project
competitions etc. The University has a well-organized teaching, learning and evaluation process. The teaching
learning process involves chalk and talk methods, ICT tools like PPT’s, Audio-Visual Presentations and use of
web resources for the effective delivery of the curriculum. The University prepares Academic calendar for all
curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities at the commencement of each academic year. The
University is devoted to achieve excellence in teaching and learning by adopting new pedagogical methods.
The teaching-learning process is outcome-based with clearly-defined Course Outcomes and Programme
Outcomes. Mentors are provided for every group of 20 students to solve their academic and other personal
issues. The curriculum is updated frequently. Students are exposed to industrial realities and breathtaking
technologies through mandatory internships. Advanced learners and slow learners are categorized by their
responses in the classroom and performance in the examinations. The institution organizes an Orientation
program for newly admitted students.
Research, Innovations and Extension
Research promotion policy of university aims to sustain excellence an leadership in Research and Innovation.
Faculty, students and grooming researchers need to be encouraged to break new ground in research and achieve
first of a kind impact in technological applications / designs / formulation of new public policies / institutional
capabilities. Students will be encouraged to learn about the world through hands on practical problem-solving
projects. in collaboration with fellow student in other department and with our faculty as supervisors / mentors.
Faculty and students shall be encouraged to involve in interdisciplinary / multi-disciplinary / translational
research in finding scientific and technological solutions to ground challenges.University desires to build strong
and robust research and innovation ecosystem through objectives as under 1) To nurture an environment of
undertaking socially useful / or industry needed research with potential for commercialization. 2) To establish
Research centers within University with potential for excellence. 3) To forge interdisciplinary collaborations
and partnerships nationally and globally. 4) To motivate faculty members for publication of quality research
work with ethics and integrity.

8 company on 4th November 2019. The Corporate Identity Number of the company is (CIN NoU85300MH2019NPL332513). It will provide an ecosystem to enterprising students and immediate alumni of
the University, its affiliated colleges, and other emerging technology-based businesses that would support their
start-up phase and increase their likelihood of success. It will provide working space, flexible lease,
common office and laboratory facilities, business guidance, mentoring, and other technical resources in network
mode at the Main Centre of the University.
The Incubation Centre can host approximately six to ten clients in a proposed 5,000 square feet facility that
would include a mix of office and lab space & necessary
infrastructure for prototype building & legal support. The facility is owned by the University and the State of
Maharashtra. The grant of Rs. 5 Cr is sanctioned by GoM for the duration of 5 Years, out of which the company
receives the first tranche/installment of Rs. 25 Lakh. Looking into the performance of the 2020-21 second
installment of Rs. 50 lakh against sanctioned amount will be released soon.
Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The University has 451 acres of green campus with a built-up area of 61189 sq.mtrs. There are 21 classrooms
with modern ICT facilities such as a 1Gbps leased line Internet facility, smart classroom facility, LAN,
Projector, and automated screen, three seminar halls, and 49 well-equipped laboratories, including a language
laboratory. The University has a studio for recording audio/video lectures. The University has a library with an
excellent book bank facility and subscription for eLibrary resources of e-journals, ebooks, e-ShodhSindhu,
Shodhganga, and Databases. The library is partially automated with the help of LIBMAN software. The
library also has its own OPAC, which can be operated within the campus premises (LAN) with a separate IP
address. In addition, University Departments also have libraries consisting of references and textbooks,
periodicals, and other resources.
The University has an Incubation Center with the necessary facilities, and its upgradation is in
progress. The University departments also have well-structured laboratories, effectively used to provide
exposure to the latest technology. Most departments have seminar halls used for guest/memorial lectures by
eminent scholars in their respective fields. The University has Conference Hall which is used for conferences
and workshops. The University has a provision of additional funds made available on requirements received
from different departments for upgrading and maintaining teaching and learning facilities.
The University has the necessary sports facilities (indoor/outdoor) and comprehensive
infrastructure for holding sports/cultural events and other co-curricular activities. Student
activities are promoted through the Sports Department and Cultural Committee. Besides this, there are other
campus facilities such as a bank, ATM, Xerox, Bus and autorickshaw stand, canteen, health center, two hostels
for boys and three hostels for girls, guest house, hostel gymnasium, girls common room Wi-Fi facility,
Computer center, etc.
Student Support and Progression
University is committed to ensure the overall and holistic development of the students and
mobilizes the appropriate funds and provides the scholarships to the deserving and eligible students. A student
support system (Academic Section) is in place which facilitates to avail different scholarship schemes. To make

the students industry ready and capable to fit into global arena, University organizes life skill programs,
diagnosis test etc by outsourcing the events. In addition University facilitates language lab to improve
communication skills. Every Year Science day is celebrated with a great enthusiasm to inculcate scientific
temper and spirit of inquiry in the minds of students. In line with the Government of India initiatives and
constant persuasion, University has started an innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship Development center
to ignite the young mind and cater their ideas and bow the seed of entrepreneurship of the deserving and
interested students. The University has a separate Career development center which centrally handles training
and placement of the graduating students of all Departments. There are a large number of organizations with
which we have fruitful relationships and which have been visiting us year after year for recruiting the fresh
talent. To popularize the Yoga and its benefits among the students, every year on 21 st June
University celebrates International Yoga Day. To make the students mentally and physically fit indoor and
outdoor sports are being played by the students on regular basis. University also organizes cultural and sports
events and students are encouraged and supported to participate in Inter- University cultural competitions. One
of the distinguished program, 18 hour study program is being organized as a part of Ambedkar Jayati
celebration on 14 th April to inculcate the Dr Ambedkar thoughts and philosophy, lifelong learning. University
has the vibrant and energetic NCC and NSS units with the strong participation of the students at University,
state and national level. The events like National Youth Day, Indian Army Day, Tree plantation, NCC Day in
addition to regular PARADE on the occasion of Republic and Independence Day celebration are being
organized by the NCC unit. The Social awareness programs,
SWATCH Bharat, Digital Literacy, voting awareness camp, Blood donation camp etc are the regular activities
of the University NSS unit. There is SWYAM/NPTEL local chapter in the University which facilitates and
motivates the students to take the advantages of the online courses on these platforms. Students are provided
guidance and coaching to appear GATE, GRE, TOFEL, GMAT, MPSC, UPSC etc. competitive exams.
Good number of students is progressed for higher education. Students are empowered through their
representation and active participation in University administration in organization of Cultural and Sports
events and also in management of NSS, NCC, hostel, Avishkar, CDC, Technical events etc. Our alumni have
excelled in every field, be it the core engineering, research and teaching, consulting, IT or the social sector and
University is well connected with the alumni through Alumni Association. Our Alumni are concerned with the
University and brings the internship, placement opportunity, guidance for higher education, career/personality
development etc. Alumni also financial support the needy students.
Governance, Leadership and Management
University has a well-defined vision, mission, and core values and student-centric policies. The university has
its good governance through decentralization, transparency, delegation, and inclusiveness of all stakeholders to
ensure a good academic and research culture. University is governed by the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Technological University Act No. XXIX of 2014. Also, the Statutes, Ordinances and the Rules & Regulations,
duly approved by the government, are in place.
The Executive Council is the apex body which accords approval for the financial budget of the University as
proposed through the Finance Committee. The members of the Executive Council are involved in the policy
making strategies necessary to ensure the overall development and progress of the university. It plays a vital
role in facilitating the administrative and financial sanctions to the various activities. The Academic council
functions tirelessly to create and develop new and progressive curricula and academic schemes by offering
many choices to the students and offering them opportunities to grow.
Being the University’s head and leader, the Vice-Chancellor provides a progressive and student-centric

approach to the overall administrative procedures. The HoDs of various departments, all the statutory officers,
and staff members strive for the University’s growth.
The evaluation of answer books is carried out in on-screen mode. Also, student admissions and management of
finance-related activities are executed using appropriate softwares. The entire university campus is under the
CCTV surveillance. There is face-recognition system for the attendance of all the university employees.
Teachers, students, and other university stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process through
various committees, Boards, and Councils.
The IQAC has been actively engaged in the consistent execution of different quality initiatives in the
The University follows government guidelines for the collection and disbursement of funds, and strict financial
discipline is ensured through regular internal and external audits. The University is committed to improving
academic, research, extension and development activities with the active involvement of all the stake-holders.
Institutional Values and Best Practices
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the “Greatest Indian” was the eminent researcher and social reformer. He devoted
his life for studying various branches of knowledge and implemented for making a proud and better India. The
Vision, Mission and Objectives of the University, Lonere are rightly embodied with the missionary work of Dr.
Ambedkar. The research scholars, students, faculty and staff follow the principles laid down by Dr. Ambedkar
through his writings, speeches and Indian Constitution. It’s the privilege of the University to have Dr.
Ambedkar name.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University took many measures for the promotion of gender equity by
arranging functions and thought provoking speeches. University has women’s grievance cell to safeguard and
promote well-being of all women employees and girl students of the organization. The University promotes use
of renewable energy sources and started implementing Solar energy and use of LED bulbs/
Power-efficient equipment in the campus. University continuously took efforts for water conservation and
maintaining clean and green campus.
University took efforts in providing an inclusive environment by arranging various programs for students by
NCC and NSS units. To sensitize students and employees of the University to constitutional obligations: values,
rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens, University conducts programs like constitution day celebration,
Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti celebration, 18-hours study program.
Thus various best practices have been implemented to embody the constitutional principals in the minds of the
students and employees. We at DBATU continuously working to maintain the image of the University as “Seat
of Learning in Green Mountains towards Constitutionally responsible citizen of India.”